FAQ - Часті запитання


Polish National Panel is a place where Internet users register in order to participate in the market research and public opinion polls in exchange for rewards. The Polish National Panel is owned by three research agencies; Nielsen Admosphere, NMS Market Research and STEM / MARK. Our clients are research agencies, universities, research institutes and state institutions.

You will gain the opportunity to express your opinions openly on various topics and receive money for it.

People over the age of 15 permanently living in Estonia who are interested in participating in online long-term market researches and public opinion tolls.

You only need to enter your valid e-mail address (on the right under the Registration tab), wait for our e-mail and truthfully, fill in the registration form. It is not possible to register more than once.

We do not allow respondents to be a member of more than one. Please select the country where you are located.

All you need to participate in the polls is a regular, personal computer or a laptop with the Internet connection and an Internet browser that supports cookies, with JavaScript and Adobe Flash technology installed. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer since it is not compatible with some of the questionnaires. As alternatives, you can also use, for example, the updated versions of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome without extra add-ons that could block some of the survey features (to prevent videos from being played, block "advertising" content, etc.)

Особисті дані

We need a panel of specific people with truthfully filled in data to maintain the high quality of the research we do. We ask about socio-demographic characteristics, such as gender, education, age and others, so that we know the structure of the Polish National Panel and and are able to select the right questionnaires for you.

If you do not actively choose participation in telephone surveys, we will not be calling you. You will use your number as a security feature when changing some information in your account and to confirm reward orders.

We carefully protect and treat all the data you provide us so that it cannot be misused by an unauthorized person. We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For work with personal data, we are registered with the Office for Personal Data Protection, as required by Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On Personal Data Protection.

Only authorized trained employees who administer the Polish National Panel have access to the personal information you have provided us. It is impossible for your personal data to fall into the hands of third parties. Your personal data is not available from the Internet

Участь в панелі

You will receive the information about being selected for a research by email. You simply press the enter the reseatch button in the e-mail or in the research and coins selection at the www.panelnarodowy.pl page. And then you simply follow further instructions. Research invitations are sent irregularly depending on the current demand for people with your characterists i.e. on the research target group. In order to receive more invitations please fill in completely and truthfully the information in your profile.

To participate in the research you have to fill in an online questionnaire to which you will receive an invitation. The time needed to complete a questionnaire depends on the number of questions, it usually ranges from 1 to 25 minutes. You will be informed about the expected length before entering the research. However, the questionnaire may end earlier for you, if you do not meet some of the additional conditions for participation, or if a sufficient number of people with your characteristics have already participated before you. It is optimal to complete the research at once, it is usually not possible to enter it more than once.

We will be happy if you participate in every research you will be invited to. But it is not an obligation. If you know that you will not be able to participate in research for an extended period of time (e.g. during holidays) you can temporarily suspend your membership in your account settings. Our system automatically assigns less researches to the panelsts who do not respond to our invitations.

After registration, you will receive a confirmation email. Other invitations are sent irregularly according to the interest of our customers however, only after the telephone verification of your registration. Exceptionally, we send emails with important information regarding your membership. We never send spam.

Бали та винагороди

Each research is evaluated by points according to the length and complexity of the questionnaire. These coins enable you to choose rewards from our catalog, you can also exchange them for money or donate them to one of the charities.

We convert points at the rate of XXX:1. You will receive xx for xxx points. (localize)

Зміни у вашому обліковому записі

To change your password, you simply log in with your username and password at www.panelnarodowy.pl and open the Account settings section on the right under the gear icon where you can change your e-mail, password, suspend your membership, etc.

Click on the Forgotten Password link near the Login button at the top right of www.panelnarodowy.pl. Then enter your e-mail address to which you had been receiving our e-mails. Within 10 minutes you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder.

Log into www.panelnarodowy.pl and click on the Profile and Personal data section. We are happy to update non-editable items on request, if you write to us via the contact form or at (localize)@panelnarodowy.pl.

Numer konta przekazuje się tylko jednorazowo przy składaniu wniosku o wypłacenie zarobionych środków na rachunek. Przechowujemy je tylko dla potrzeb tego jednego wniosku,dlatego numeru konta nie można w żadnym miejscu zmienić.

We will be happy if you remain active members of the Polish National Panel for as long as possible and will continue to share your views. If you do decide to leave, log in with your username and password to www.panelnarodowy.pl and open the Account Settings section under the gear icon where you can easily terminate your membership. For security reasons, membership cannot be canceled via email or a contact form. In case of your inactivity lasting more than a year, we reserve the right to terminate your membership ourselves.

Вирішення проблем

An email confirming the first part of the registration might be delayed. If you do not receive an e-mail from us within 4 hours after registration, check your spam folder and, if necessary, write to us via the contact form or at (localize)@panelnarodowy.pl.

Some of our clients' questionnaires are not compatible with phones and tablets, mainly due to the absence of Adobe Flash technology and the size of the display, which does not allow the questionnaire to be displayed or controlled as intended. With the expansion of mobile devices, the offer of mobile friendly researches is gradually increasing, but please take into account that so far most of the questionnaires need to be completed on a computer.

Internet Explorer is an outdated application. If you have an older system on your computer, we recommend that you install the Firefox web browser to work with the Polish National Panel, which also works with older computers. Another alternative is Google Chrome, for example.

Please make sure you are not using browser add-ons such as AdBlock, NoScript (JavaScript, Flash, and more). Just turn off these add-ons before running the questionnaire. Please note that some of our clients' questionnaires can only be entered once to avoid being filled in more times by the same person, so it is possible that you will not be allowed to enter the questionnaire again.

In case of any questions or problems concerning the Polish National Panel, write via the contact form or by e-mail to info@panelnarodowy.pl.

You will receive a reward for a new member when they register and their registration details are verified by phone.